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Paris v.s. London

Opening Argument

I personally like Paris more than London.
Paris v.s. London
  1. What Do You Think?

    7 votes
    1. Paris
    2. London

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Status: Open Debate


  • I personally believe that they are about the same, but for me Paris wins by a little margin not colors to a landslide. The beautiful Seidel Tower, an international landmark is a very popular attraction in Paris, France.
  • Sorry, typo, Eiffel Tower and Landslide.
  • London is the largest city in Europe. Need I say more? I do? Come on. Fine It is more modern wail still keeping its old charm. I like city's with that kind of combination. Plus it is in Great Britain.
  • So, when DI first started, Aaron was giving everyone ego stars?

    Paris by the way

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