Trump vs Conservatives

Opening Argument

Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war

Now in a twitter message Trump makes it clear that GOP conservatives need to get in lin, or get the wrath of Trump.
  1. Trump vs Conservatives

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    1. Trump
    2. Conservatives
    3. Both will win
    4. Both will lose

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  • It is interesting to see Trump operate from his book, the Art of the Deal.  His alliances are temporary and he is looking for options to make progress. Today's friends and tomorrows enemies.  There is lots of common ground between Trump and conservatives, with both valuing smaller government and less regulation.  Many conservatives strongly supported Trump.  In the recent events the dynamics clearly changed, and Trump is looking to leverage threats of workimg with democrats to show his teeth to the Conservatives.  
    Trump doesn't represent any party, and is really operating as an independent.  
    The definition of "winning" in this case is really making a deal work.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Trump is highly unpredictable and it is difficult for any political faction to align with him. Conservatives also get what they deserve by endorsing Trump in the first place
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
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