Trump Trade war with China?

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For the first time since he entered the White House, the world will get a glimpse of how President Donald Trump really deals with the sticky issues of trade when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Making American trade fair was a cornerstone of Trump's presidential campaign, but so far, it's been an intangible for markets. That may soon change.

US has hugh Trade imbalance with China, and this meeting will set the tone for other discussions.
  1. Trump Trade war with China?

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    1. Trump will win
    2. China will win
    3. Neither
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    China has lots of leverage, but Trump made it clear that he will rebuild domestic manufacturing calability.  The balance of Trade with China will shift.
  • Trump is clearly not pro-China. I believe that he is planning to cut them off, at least some what. 

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