Political Forum - users switching to Debate Island?

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inc4tinc4t 154 Pts is a forum covering political, social, and other issues. is  a discussion forum, not a debate website like DebateIsland.  
It seems that many PoliticalForum users are abandoning the site, especially after the latest March 2017 PoliticalForum upgrade to Xenforo due to various security issues.  There was no notice given to the PoliticalForum users until after the upgrade. is also suggesting donations for keeping up with their newly increased expenses, and as their prior users are pointing out is that worth it for a ghost of user base PoliticalForum used to have.

The new PoliticalForum site has only a fraction of prior forum users, and It seems that DebateIsland had continued spike of political debates in March.  
I wonder if that is related to PoliticalForum users now debating on DebateIsland?
I had a PoliticalForum account, and didn't bother continuing post their Xenforo upgrade. In some ways
It's also possible that PoliticalForum users are switching to Reddit or Voat, as both have similar discussion format with much more functionality.

Its too bad that many legacy sites that once were the prime experience for debating and discussions are shutting to give room to the next generations of sites offering better experience.  

  1. Political Forum - users switching to Debate Island?

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    1. Yes
    2. No

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