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Is there "Hell" and "Heaven" after life?

ale5ale5 34 Points
Is hell and heaven real, or just something made up to scare people into obedience?
  1. ?4 votes
    1. Hell and Heaven are real
    2. Hell and Heaven just made up
  • WhyTrumpWhyTrump 47 Points
    It is neither real or made up.  The definition of hell is figurative and many religions have different versions of it.
  • LogicLogic 67 Points
    No one can say for sure, But believing a heaven and hell, Has a better reward, Then a non purposeful life. I mean if you ARE right, You get heaven.
    If you aren't, Well... To put it simply, You might not even be aware to care that it doesn't exist. 
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    @Logic, great point. If it is real to you then it's real and provides a purposeful life. The downside of believing in that is rather little for more people.  That said, some people would rather not believe in it, and it is completely their right - nothing wrong with that too.
  • LogicLogic 67 Points
    @inc4t  Well said man! It's all about free will. So we should all use it the way, In which it pleases us.
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