If you buy into Trump is Putin's puppet conspiracy theory, how does Syrian conflict fit in?

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if you believe that Trump was elected with Russia intervention and buy into the theory that Trump is now controlled by Putin then how does Syria conflict play into this theory?

Russia condemns U.S. missile strike on Syria, suspends key air agreement
But is this just an initial move in a game of chess that will further make the Putin - Trump connection more obvious?
  1. If you buy into Trump is Putin's puppet conspiracy theory, how does Syrian conflict fit in?

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    1. There is no Trump-Putin conspiracy
    2. Trump is somewhat or fully controlled by Putin, but Syria conflict is unrelated
    3. Trump is controlled by Putin and Syria conflict will unravel the story
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  • I think that Russia condemning US  Syria attacks and Trump administration makes the conspiracy theory lots less plausible - sorry conspiracy theorists :)

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  • It is realistic to believe that Trump/Putin specifically are trying to show public they are not colluding by staging this confrontation and condemnation comments
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • The Syria conflict maybe more than just staging for Trump and Putin to distance themselves. That maybe an effort to support Trump's justification for increased military spend and a deliberate attempt to create a regional conflict that drags in multiple countries into a war. I am still unclear how all of that benefits Putin, but we shouldn't rule that out.
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  • There is something going on there, the questions is what.
  • There is no conspiracy.  Trump is doing the right thing by attacking Syria. He has no obligations to Putin.
  • It's not a movie - there is no consipracy theory.
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