A girl was found living among monkeys in an Indian forest. How she got there is a mystery.

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  1. Will she remember the details of living with monkeys when she grows up?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • It's a fascinating story and we hope she is able to learn to speak and join human civilization.  I think she may forget the details of living with monkeys, but will remember it more like a dream.
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  • I think she will. The article mentions a similar example.

    Six-year-old John Ssebunya was found living with green vervet monkeys in the Ugandan jungle in 1991. He is believed to have run away from home when he was 3 years old after seeing his father murder his mother. He was placed in an orphanage and was later adopted. He learned to speak, became a member of the Pearl of Africa children’s choir and participated in the Special Olympics, later moving into a home of his own.

    Ssebunya’s story was featured in a number of documentaries, including a three-part Animal Planet series, “Raised Wild,” in which anthropologist and broadcaster Mary-Ann Ochota investigated three cases of feral children, in Uganda, the Ukraine and Fiji.

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