U.S. Strike on Syria Brings Fleeting Hope to Those Caught in Brutal Conflict

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U.S. Strike on Syria Brings Fleeting Hope to Those Caught in Brutal Conflict

NY Times published an article on April 8th about the mixed feelings Syrians are having about Trump's new involvement in their conflict.
For some, they question why Trump is helping them after his racist remarks and anti-immigration muslim bans.
For others, they are mildly optimistic about US help in reaction to use of Chemical weapons, after Obama ignored Chemical weapons attacks in 2013.

  1. Should Syrians be thankful for US help?

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  • Trump based his entire campaign on America first promiss.  In his first few months of Presidency, Trump decides to interfere with Syria. Obama, highly criticized by Trump, chose not to interfere in that conflict, even after Chemical weapons were used in 2013.  
    While there are likely other motives that Trump had, authorizing the US strikes in Syria (some sort or weird game with his puppet master Putin), I would expect that Syrians should be thankful for US new involvement, and gettng new hope that just maybe things will get better.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • While we can question the motives and if It's the right time for US to be involved in this conflict, use of chemical weapons against innocent people is unacceptable.  Regardless of Trump's view on Syrian immigration policy, he has stepped up and is there to help in a meaningful way to those suffering in Syria.  It is good to see Trump showing Syria and others that we care. I hope that Syrian people appreciate the help.
  • Syrians are not stupid.  They undertand that Trump is getting involved for some hidden motives.  He made that clear with his racist remarks and policies that refused to help Syrian refugees 
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