59 Missiles Don’t Equal a Foreign Policy - Is Trump playing with fire?

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59 Missiles Don’t Equal a Foreign Policy

NY Times published an opinion at

Trump's reaction to this conflict is unprecedented.  That was the exact concern from many voters about him being presidential and makimg mature decisions, instead of emotional outbusts.
In a related debate based on another NY Times piece, there is a big question if Trump's mew doctrine is no doctrine - and just a series of emotional outbursts.
  1. 59 Missiles Don’t Equal a Foreign Policy - Is Trump playing with fire?

    6 votes
    1. Yes - Trump needs to be more strategic in his decisions
    2. No - that is an appropriate foreign policy and reaction
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  • Trump is playing with fire. These are complex decisions and need to be weighed accordingly.  There is a full set of professionals who spend their careers with these types of stuff. Trump can't just rely on his gut when it comes to military actions.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • In many ways Trump is demonstrating flexibility and agility in his policy making that is refreshing.  Not sure how much of the conspiracy theorists story that there is a master plan between Trump and Putin is actually warranted, but there maybe some truth to that as well.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • It's a better response that we'd seen in 8 years of Obama
  • @CYDdharta , you are making a great point.  Obama, in all his libertarian wisdom failed to act to help Syria, even after 2013 inhumane chemical weapon attacks
  • Trump made the right move, although he changed his view some what.
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