Boom or Bust: Stark Partisan Divide on How Consumers View Economy - Your Opinion, boom or bust?

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consumer sentiment has diverged in an unprecedented way, with Republicans convinced that a boom is at hand, and Democrats foreseeing an imminent recession.

  1. Boom or Bust: Stark Partisan Divide on How Consumers View Economy - Is boom at hand or recession?

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    1. Results show economic boom
    2. Results show bust - recession is coming
WhyTrump - a good question

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  • March data shows a sharp drop in job creation and is indicative of upcoming recession. Last month Trump took credit for a spike in job growth, given announcements and corporate decisions that were made prior to his election that was an unfair claim.  Now Trump supporters are pointing to unemployment numbers lookimg low, but ignoring the job growth drop which is far more important.  That is data cherry picking and is just convincing themselves.

    Boom or Bust: Stark Partisan Divide on How Consumers View Economy? 

    I say bust. The Winter is coming :wink: 
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I'd say that focus should be on historic low unemployment growth, not a temporary slow down of job creation numbers. Tha said, it is fascinating how polarized the views are on this.  While democrats are claiming that "the Winter is coming", I will debate that more likely a combination of current results and planned Trump policies will make job creation numbers much stronger.  We are looking at lagging economic indicators with job creation numbers, and it's more important to predict impact on these numbers by planned policies.
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  • There are often mixed results in economic data, but I believe we should be more optimistic towards boom than recession with these numbers.  We will get an additional read when Fed makes their interest rate decision.  If they raise the rates that will show confidence in the economic prospects.
  • The results are mixed, and I would put more emphasis on the slowdown of job creation as an area of concern
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  • It is interesting how so many things are polarized right now. I lean towards a positive outlook, but it is clearly mixed.
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