U.S.-Led Strike Mistakenly Kills 18 Coalition Allies in Syria - Read for Free at NYTimes

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U.S.-Led Strike Mistakenly Kills 18 Coalition Allies in Syria

An airstrike by the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State killed Syrian fighters who are allied with the United States, the military said on Thursday.  The strike on Tuesday was the third time in a month that American-led airstrikes may have killed civilians or allies. The military called the episode “tragic.”

NY Times, By HELENE COOPER, April 13th 2017.

The big question is if Trump is exercising sufficient control over Pentagon over these operations?

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    1. Does Trump exercise sufficient control over these operations?

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      1. Yes
      2. No
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    • Trump needs to ensure that Pentagon doesn't continue to make these mistakes.
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    • It shows how irresponsible Trump's actions are. We shouldn't be going there in the first place and dealing with Domestic issues first.  He doesn't have expertise to monitor these types of operations, and it looks lie it was a sloppy job.
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