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Bitcoin future?

realistically, does Bitcoin at this point have a promissing future or is it still just hype?
  1. Is Bitcoin going to succeed?6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  • islander507islander507 34 Points
    After much up and down, this crypto currency is now floating around all time high at almost $1200.  With threat of regulation, so much potential for fraud, and fuel of criminal markets...I think the actual currency valuation is not justified
  • agsragsr 158 Points
    I am not bullish on Bitcoin currency.  The big issue is that taking on mainstream adoption of competing with credit cards is not realistic. Reward points, fraud protection create hugh barriers of entry.  That said, they fill a freat niche in underserved markets of 3rd world.  
    The underlying technology of Bitcoin though has much potential, of creating entirely new ecosystems of distributed trust vs centralized clearing.
  • love2debatelove2debate 50 Points
    Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin currency is transforming many industries.  It is now starting to reshape payment industry, offering potential for lower transaction costs and a distributed ledger that can eliminate banks from many transactions.
    So while it's debatable if the currency is priced correclty, the distributed economy powered by Blockchain will be a game changer.
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 37 Points
    Yes, but the price is very dependable and not too reliable.
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    Blockchain will succeed, but currency is way overpriced and not a good investment.
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