Will Trump make a deal with Chinese President Xi to get help with North Korea?

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WAPO - President Trump spoke highly of Chinese President Xi during a press conference at the White House on April 12, but avoided commenting directly on the decision not to label China a currency manipulator. "We're going to see," he said when asked if a deal was struck. -
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  • China is likely getting concerned about North Korea parading all their new weapons, and need to address a trade deal of some sort with US, so that will be one big item on that term sheet.

    Trump didn't call China a currency manipulator to Xi face, so that's a goos sign.
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  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    Insofar that it was undoubtedly China that provided North Korea with the technology necessary to manufacture a nuclear bomb and they perceive this rogue nation as an ally in the region there is little, if any hope of Trump securing China's active support in neutralizing North Korea's nuclear arsenal. 
  • Yes, President Trump is a wonderful negotiator. I do agree with @Pino in some points he made. Although, I believe that Trump can secure a deal of some sort with China. He has to focus on dismantling North Korea as a whole or at a minimum, a large chunk of its army.
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  • @joecavalry  and @Pino , I agree that China has their own agenda and likely seeded some of their weapons in the first place.  I believe though that Trump and China will negotiate a deal, as they have sufficient common ground.
  • No, ur is extremely unlikely due to his non-stop tweeting and trashing of China and it's stealing of money from the US. The US-China relations are pretty low as well as the Russia relations which are currently at a dangerously low level. Maybe, North Korea will team up with Russia and/or China as an anti-America cooperation.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    I think that Trump will make a deal. It is true, @kandhhjj_global , that China-US relations are strained, but that doesn't mean they will nit have common interests.  If North Korea threatens use of Nuclear weapons then the entire APAC region is at risk.
  • Yes, I think that would be a possiblity.
  • It's improbable that Trump will make a deal.  China is not interested in making a deal with US as @Pino  mentioned.
    I also find it funny that in the video, Trump goes out of his way to say he doesnt know Putin.  
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