Bill Potts vs Clara Oswald - Who is better Dr Who companion?

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Tonight fans finally met Bill Potts and it’s safe to say that the casting directors and showrunner Steve Moffat can breathe a long sigh of relief. They have done a brilliant job at picking the new companion. Pearl Mackie positively glows as the new assistant. 

She is a complete contrast to predecessor Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman) and feels like a fully-formed character from the start, in the mould of the typical companion like Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) or Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).
  1. Bill Potts vs Clara Oswald - Who is better Dr Who companion?

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    1. Bill Potts
    2. Clara Oswald
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  • Clara was my favorite, but lets see how well this new one does.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • So far, I didnt see enough to convince me that Potts will be better, but maybe too early to tell.  Good first episode to open season 10
  • I think they're about the same, but I will go with clara.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Actually, something about Clara always annoyed me.  I still don't know what though.  I saw the initial season episode and it was a great start.  I kinda like Bill Potts character.  I am unclear what's up with connection between her and that other girl that turned into water.  Was it that she wanted to be friends with her or was that more of some sort of LGBT attraction.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Now I get it,yes - Bill Potts was added to attract male viewers for girl on girl attraction. She is the first gay assistant on Doctor Who.

    it is funny, but I guess that worked for me.
  • @inc4t, I didn't initially pick up on that, but now that you shared the article I see that as well 
  • I personally liked Clara a little bit more but they seem about the same to me.
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