Is Pence The Real President, Not Trump?

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Is Pence The Real President, Not Trump?

Many speculate that this is what's really going on. A lot of Americans believe that Trump is not running America, but his cabinet is.

Is Pence The Real President, Not Trump?

What do you think on this major speculation?
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  • No, it's just a rumor going on with the Left side and college students. No offense to Liberals, but they need to stop picking pebbles and start making things happen.
  • Hey @joecavalry, if we watch SNL videos that's what they will make us believe.  I think that it's clear that Trump is making decisive decisions and is not anyone's puppet 
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes. I do agree some what with your point (I'm a liberal by the way) @natbarons . Although, I have to disagree on an overall basis. 

    I agree with this point...
    Yes, Liberals are doing to much speculation and not enough "doing" now a days.

    I politely disagree with this...

    "'s just a rumor..."
    -Nat barons

    This is not a rumor to any extent. I understand your view, but Trump is not very "presidential" in some people's eyes, this is why that rumor is going around. He is many great people on his cabinet, that possibly manage his great role as president.

    here's a fun little picture of his cabinet...

  • @kmelkevolution17 , Trump not being "Presidential" has been a talking point throughout the election.  But given his actions, I find it surprising that authenticity of his Presidency is being questioned.  Are you suggesting that a Pence is making all decisions and Trump is just a figure head? If that would be the case then how would you explain Trump's uncontrollable twits? Wouldn't Pence if he truly controlled Trump, would control his Twitter messages also?
  • Pence did a nice job delivering the message to China, that doesnt mean he is the real President instead of Trump
    Live Long and Prosper
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