Why did 1000's of American finance terrorism?

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PinoPino 67 Pts
Why do you think Americans provided the terrorist organization, the so called, Irish Republican Army, with millions of dollars which went towards purchasing weapons and explosives from Libya. 
The vast arsenal of weaponry and explosives that American dollars helped secure went to slaughter innocent men, women, children and babies on the streets of Northern Ireland and mainland Britain.
Most people attest that ' a terrorist is a terrorist, is a terrorist' and there can be no distinctions. 
Should these misguided Americans bow their head in shame? 

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  • 100s of Americans did this for I'm sure unreasoanbale reasons. It's like donating to ISIS, which is worse but simialar.
  • Irish immigrants in the US and their descendants funded the IRA for the same reasons Muslim immigrants in the US and their descendants are funding Islamic terrorism and committing terrorist acts today.  This is why we need to be extremely careful with who we let into this country.
  • @CYDdharta, I respectfully disagree. Diversity is what makes out country great. I support immigration, as long as it is legal.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • @WhyTrump diversity, in and of itself, doesn’t make us stronger, it weakens us.  It divided people into cliques.  It isn't until people assimilate into this great melting pot that we became a great nation.  That said, I support legal immigration as well.  I believe our immigration system needs a MAJOR reform, but I support legal immigration.
  • CYDdharta The melting pot you discussed is a perfect example of diversity. Diversity can include integration and does not necessarily cause division into cliques
  • @melanielust I disagree.  The melting pot represents the assimilation into our nation's unique culture.  It is the antithesis of diversity.
  • @CYDdharta Diveristy IS America'a culture. Immigrants come into our nation from a diverse set of countries in order to contribute to our culture of diversity 
  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    I feel we're off topic here but to add to, what has turned into an immigration issue I would comment as follows.
    The diversity of skills and cultures which immigration provides enriches any nation.
    However all immigration must be strictly regulated with only those whose talents and professions are needed and will serve to enhance the nation's wealth.
    All ethnic groups from countries which are hostile to the United States
    should automatically be barred from entering the country.
    For every batch of Muslim immigrants/asylum seekers, there will be a % who will be dedicated terrorists and a further % who will be radicalized and become terrorists.
    For misguided nationalistic reasons Ireland had, and to a lesser extent still has, it's own homegrown murdering, back shooting, bomb planting psychopathic terrorists.
    I find the madness of importing such terrorist and potential terrorist filth into the country and permitting them to settle among an unsuspecting public to be both incomprehensible and utterly unforgivable.

  • @melanielust No, I don't agree at all. There is strength in unity; diversity weakens a nation.  The immigrants who come here to contribute to a culture of diversity are a problem.  We need to keep those types out.  We should only let in immigrants who want to assimilate and contribute to a culture of unity.
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