Did the Russian government significantly influence the election?

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Claims go from "Russia hacked the election and made Donald Trump win" to "private hackers that tampered with DNC bases didn't have that much influence" etc.
  1. Did the Russian government significantly influence the election?

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  • I suppose it depends on what you mean.  The Russians weren't pulling for either candidate; if they were involved at all, it was just to stir up contirversity.  They were certainly successful at that; but as for left-wing claims that the Russians wanted Trump to win, there's no evidence of that.  Trump ran as a populist wild card who wouldn't be controlled by anyone.  Hillary ran as Obama's 3rd term.  Obama preferred the Russians over the Republicans;remember him being caught on a hot mic telling Russian PM Medvedev saying "This is my last election.  After my election I'll have more flexibility."  He never said anything like that to the Republicans.  If the Russians weren't pulling for a candidate, they'd want one they could work with, and that would have been Hillary.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Russia didn't manipulate the election and there is no evidence that Trump collaborated with them on any type of election scam.  While interesting conspiracy theory, it is just fueled by Trump political opponents and fake news.
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