Was Brexit a good decision/what will be its consequences?

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Consider economic, social, political, and foreign consequences
  1. Brexit will be...

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    1. Ultimately beneficial
    2. Ultimately disastrous
    3. Have no real effect

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  • I think it will be beneficial for Britain in the long run, it's great for long term but it could be tough nkw.
  • I think that negative impact on U.K. Is underestimated.  EU will likely enforce horrendous exit criteria on U.K. for exiting the membership, UK will suffer a talent drain as it will be more difficult to do business with, the regulatory complexity will increase for U.K. And others.
    Now the entire notion of EU is also at risk as others may look to exit.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I think it will be good either way for the U.K.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    @bg_peoducts19831, I respectfully disagree.  On what basis will it be better? If there are hefty EU separation penalities and followed by economics slowdown why would UK benefit?
  • I think it will be good for Britain in the long run, but it could have some potentially negative effects short term as well.
  • Brexit will be ultimately beneficial if it's in the long-term. It will completely dismantle the idealistic, globalist structure of the EU
  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    The poor broken down Brits are labouring under the misapprehension that they are still a global industrial power and, as their foolhardy pro-Brexitateers try to convince the public, and themselves, that they will be able to ''forge new markets'' to replace the 1000s of businesses which will relocate their operations to mainland Europe so to be positioned at the centre of their marketplace.
    As the negotiations progress and jobs start to disappear like snow of a ditch on a hot day,the awful truth about their nationalistic induced stupidity will sink into their thick skulls..
    The ''job flight'' has already commenced with major banks, financial institutions, one major airline and food manufacturers moving to Germany and Poland.
    I'm sure the other 27 countries of the E.U, will be rubbing their hands with delight at the U.K's economic suicidal madness. 
    As 100s of 1000s of jobs go tax revenues will become depleted while social benefits including unemployment handouts, housing etc., will increase dramatically.
    The inevitable upshot of this will civil unrest as there will be insufficient funds to finance the upsurge in social patouts. 
  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    edited April 2017
    The result of a survey published today and displayed by Yahoo, reveals that the majority of Brits feel leaving the E.U, will be a mistake.
    You have gone and done it.
  • @pino , I don't feel that the word "dummies" is necessary in your debate. Although, I agree with your side.
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