Reddit Political Discussion - /r/PoliticalDiscussion - is it Anti-Trump?

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Reddit Political Discussion

/r PoliticalDiscussion is a popular political reddit with over 130,000 subscribers.  It is supposed to be unbiased, but is it anti-Trump?

I found at times posts from Reddit Political Discussion that are biased against Trump administration and are upvoted, taking the top spots on /r PoliticalDiscussion.

That is a trend that is generally consistent with the rest of Reddit Politics, and why Reddit had to heavily protect The_Donald reddit in extremely moderated gated community that reminds me of Soviet or North Korea propaganda machine.

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I am still struggling to rationalize why so many Reddit subscribers are anti-Trump, while he had good support to get elected and while public opinion polls are arguably "mixed", Trump continues to enjoy strong support among many of his supporters or atleast "tolerators".

So is there some Reddit manipulation going on to influence public opinion?

  1. Reddit Political Discussion - /r/PoliticalDiscussion - is it Anti-Trump?

    4 votes
    1. Yes - Reddit Political Discussion is anti-Trump
    2. No - Reddit Political Discussion is NOT anti-Trump
Live Long and Prosper

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  • It seems to me that PoliticalDiscussion on Reddit is biased against Trump
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I actually didn't find that Reddit Political Discussion specifically is heavily anti-Trump. If you look at Politicaldiscussion  top posts, many are unrelated to Trump, or fairly neutral.
  • Yes, it very byast.
  • Yes, it is. I'm a liberal, and even that website was just too much. 
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