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Billions - Lara vs Wendy

Opening Argument

agsragsr 702 Pts
in the SHO Billions, the silent rivalry between Laura Axelrod and Wendy Rhodes continues to escalate.  In the 9th episode of the 2nd season, the tension spikes when Lara finds out that it was Wendy who insisted not to see Axe. Both Lara Axelrod and Wendy Rhodes are manipulative, and there is clearly some chemistry between Wendy and Axe.  
Who will win the war and what's the prize?
  1. Billions - Lara vs Wendy

    7 votes
    1. Lara will ruin Wendy
    2. Wendy will steal Axe from Lara
    3. There is no war between Lara and Wendy
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  • It seems to be that the prevailing issue is that Wendy and Axe have a hidden sexual tension that will ultimately escalate. Lara can see how Axe feels about Wendy, and that threatens her.
    There was already a nude scene with Wendy and Axe in season 1, and Axe knows about Wendy's S&M.  
    I think that a plausible plot twist is that Axe and Wendy end up having an encounter.
    So I vote for Wendy will "steal" Axe from Lara, but only as an affair.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Lara knows that Wendy is a threat and she is devious as we know from prior episodes. Lara has access to great resources and will go to full extend to ruin Wendy.  She will win.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    I agree with agsr, Lara is threatened by Wendy because she knows that Axe has a thing for her
  • I like Lara more.
  • @nimailms, I like Lara more too "lets face it - she is hot", but in the question of the manipulative battle between those two I think Wendy will win and will sleep with Axe (if that's the prize?)
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • The key point is that Lara hates Wendy because she knows there is an emotional connection between Axe and Wendy.  Lara is clearly threatened by Wendy and after the last episode learns that Axe lied to her. 
    Wendy is a smart cookie and so is Lara. Both of them are willing to play dirty, so while I cannot be sure how this conflict will evolve, It certainly will.  I still think that Axe and Wendy will end up sleeping together.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I like Wendy more.
  • I like Wendy more.
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