Is Climate Change Real?

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many are questioning global warming, what do you think? 
  1. Is Climate Change Real?

    10 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • Global warming is absolutely real.  There is plenty of evidence.  I am disappointed with so many people abdicating responsibility for the problem we created
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • Yes. I'm a republican m, but I do believe that's this major issue needs to be address.
  • It will be so much easier for us to have a clear conscience if we convince ourselves it is not real.  We really can't mortage the future and continue to neglect this problem, for sake of our kids and future generations.

    WhyTrump - a good question
  • Of course, there is a lot of scientific data to prove that.
  • I can understand why people would be skeptical of it. There are a lot of exaggerations and unfounded, unscientific practices that have gone into collecting statistics for some aspects of climate change. Given that, it's undoubtable even due to visual evidence alone that something bad is happening to our earth's environment.
  • I know that many Reps and conservatives don't believe in the climate change.  I now see 7 votes all acknowledgimg the climate change issue, so while I recognize that 7 is too small of a sample, I expected to see more of a controversy on this topic at DebateIsland given that there seem to be more Republicans on the site.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • Yes, if is real. there is an overwhelming amount of evidence for that case.
  • VaulkVaulk 307 Pts
    Of course Climate change is real...the only constant on this planet is change and the climate is no exception to that rule.  However, there is no evidence that any of the changing factors of the climate are bad the for the Earth or bad for Humanity.  The ocean rose 20cm in the past 100...OMG...but the ocean also rose 20cm in the 100 years before that...and the 100 years before's a trend and has nothing to do with Humanity nor is it an indicator that something is wrong. 

    Until you can answer this question then I refuse to accept "Global Warming" as a threat:  "What is the optimal temperature for the surface of the Earth"?  Scientists cannot answer this question.  Nobody knows.  I CAN tell you that in periods supposedly before humanity, science has confirmed that CO2 was hundreds of times higher than it is today and that our current CO2 production is a tiny fraction of what it used to be before we even came along according to our Scientific community.

    "If there's no such thing as a stupid question then what kind of questions do stupid people ask"?

    "There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

    "Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stupid".

  • I'll believe we have a good enough understanding of the variables when we can come up with a climate model that accurately predicts the climate for 10 years in a row 5 years in the future.  The models we have now can't even accurately show last year's climate numbers using data up to the year before last.
  • @CYDdharta , there is some much scientific and empirical evidence on the subject that while cannot be categorically "proven", far outweighs the facts supporting opinion that global warming is just not real. If we deny the reality of global warming then we will continue to mess up our environment, making it even worse for future generations.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • @ale5 ; It's still unproven.  we shouldn't waste resources until we know definitely what's going on.  Until we know exactly what's going on, we can't know how effective our "solutions" will be.  Global warming is a belief, like any other religion.
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