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Disapproval of Trump Grows in Latest Poll, WSJ - Do you agree?

Opening Argument

WhyTrumpWhyTrump 175 Pts
According to latest WSJ Article, Trump is losing much support in the polls.
The president risks losing the political middle ground, as disapproval outweighs approval by 14 points and independents move away from him.
  1. Do you agree?

    13 votes
    1. Yes - Trump is losing support
    2. No - Trump still has plenty support
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  • No, it's already been proven that the so-called polls are not too true.
  • Some interesting fundings:
    More than half of Americans—some 54%—disapprove of the job Mr. Trump is doing as president, compared with 40% who approve, a 14-point gap

    The only other president with job approval under 50% at this point in his tenure was Gerald Ford, who notched 48% support after assuming the presidency following Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974.

    Notably, the new survey found a historically high share of Americans—some 57%—believe the government should do more to solve problems and help people, compared with 39% who said the government is doing too many things better left to business and individuals (I would venture a guess that it's not a conservative view)

    The poll found a sharp divide in views of the president between two types of Trump voters: those who said they had backed him because they liked him or his policies, and those who voted him out because of opposition to his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
    More than 70% of pro-Trump voters, for instance, said the president had the right temperament for office, compared with about one-quarter of the anti-Clinton voters.

    WhyTrump - a good question
  • No Trump isn't losing support.  According to an ABC/WaPo poll, 96% of those who voted for him would do so again.

  • Agreed @CYDdharta  that he is not losing his supporters by much according to both the original document and the one you provided.  Trump has a loyal fan club, and we repeatedly see that he can do no wrong with them. However, he is losing those in the middle.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • @ale5 ; He wouldn't have won without the middle.  If he isn't losing the people who voted for him, then he isn't losing the middle.
  • The should read, he won with the middle, not without the middle
  • The polls have been proven to be inaccurate and untrue. I also agree with @CYDdharta .
  • The poll also shows that Trump would beat Hillary if the election were held today; not electorally the way he won this past November, but by popular vote.  Considering the poor state of Democrats and their party, she may well be the best candidate they can come up with in 2020.

  • The polls are untrue and completely against Trump.
  • We already learned about accuracy of the polls when Trump "had no chance of winning" just a day before the election.
    That said, I don't want to completely be dismissive of the polls either.  It is not surprising to me that as Trump's position solidified and he is making bold moves that some people would question their support.  However, I expect that many of Trump's prior supporters now support him even more, and some folks previously on the sidelines like what they see.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • The polls are true. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. I disagree with @Vaulk , respectfully, I don't see this the same way. That could be a difference in party.
  • VaulkVaulk 337 Pts
    The polls are true. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. I disagree with @Vaulk , respectfully, I don't see this the same way. That could be a difference in party.

    I haven't posted on this subject until just now.
    "If there's no such thing as a stupid question then what kind of questions do stupid people ask"?

    "There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

    "Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stupid".

  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    After the whole privacy thing, I think he will lose lots of supporters. 
  • Trump is maintaining his full support especially with some rallies.
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