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Is Trump outside network helpful or a liability?

Opening Argument

How Trump works: A network of friends and advisers on the outside

 nearly every day of his presidency, President Donald Trump has picked up the phone and turned to a network of more than two dozen fellow Billionaires, and other informal advisers.
is that a good way to run the country, and this network provides value insyead of leveraging his actual staff?

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WhyTrump - a good question

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  • While there is value of external network, he needs to use his a tual staff instead more.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • Trump's external network is an unbelievable asset.  The fact that he can get a spectrum of opinions from diverse set of powerful peoole and draw from their vest expertise is really valuable.  If he can get their input and balance it with input of his staff, that will differentiate him in history.  CNN makes is sounds like it maybe a bad thing, but that is actually a really smart way to synthesize information from sources. Most people don't have access to.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • What Trump is doing with his "network" is not a good way to run our countries.

    Trump is essentially NOT running the United States, but his fellow billionaires are. These are likely pro-corporation people who don't care about the public but about their tax cuts for their businesses. The people are not benefiting from this, but the billionaires and Trump are with special treatment and getting the say as well. This is unfair to a new level. I believe that Trump should be releasing his call recordings, logs and visitor logs for all facilities including hotels such as mar a lago and also the White House. He Is running a partially secretive administrations and term right now which is potenntlially harmful tot eh United States and its people as well. Trump is benefiting from this.
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