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Does Donald Trump Deserve to be President?

Opening Argument

What do you think...he should or he shouldn´t? 

Status: Open Debate


  • randalrandal 59 Pts
    Yes, Donald Trump won the electoral vote. Although, a counter argument would be that he lost the popular vote by a landslide to Hillary Clinton. There was an estimated 2 million vote difference.
  • agsragsr 540 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    We have well-eatablished rules for voting, and Trump is OUR elected president.  The word "deserved" to me implies measurement of perfomance, and we will need more time to see definitive results from his decisive actions, although IMO he is off to a promissing start.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • That's a question asked by many, all the time. Trump was not fairly elected and don't won't be popular vote so my debate on this would be no. 
  • as a person? sure why not. politically? nah, it wasn't a fair process. then again it rarely is.
  • VaulkVaulk 239 Pts
    Donald Trump satisfied the established requirements for achieving a victory in the Presidential Election...there are no additional requirement needed nor has there been any new standards created that he did not meet.  Therefor by definition YES, Trump does deserve to be President. 
  • I believe he does deserve to be president. He was elected by the system, perhaps the popular vote (which doesn't matter that much). Although, he won with electoral votes which is how presidents get elected.
    I agree with @vaulk .
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • LogicLogic 220 Pts
    Well, Seeing as to how WW3 is right around the corner, I doubt he was a good choice. 
  • agsragsr 540 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    @Logic, Not sure about WW3 being around the corner.   The tensions with a North Korea are certainly not new and that cannot be pinned on Trump
    Live Long and Prosper
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 265 PtsPremium Member
    Premium Member
    Don't sweat it @Logic, WWIII has been "just around the corner" since the end of WWI.
  • LogicLogic 220 Pts
    @CYDdharta  Let's hope that's so, It just seems like Russia And China, Aren't too fond of Trump Or america at this point.
  • He got fairly elected, I agree with @agsr .
  • CovenyCoveny 377 Pts
    Depends on how you define deserve. If we say deserve means he has a legal claim, then yes obviously he does. If we are talking about his merit then no, as he has no qualifications. If we are talking about suitable then it would be yes, he's taking advantage of the American just like presidents for the last 30 years. If we are talking about appropriate then no, it was an undemocratic election. (either because of the Russians, or Hillary pick your poison)
  • natbaronsnatbarons 41 Pts
    Yes, he was fairly elected and does have a legal claim.
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