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Should smoking become illegal?

Opening Argument

Smoking is a well documented health risk, it is a financial burden on individuals and society due to increased healthcare costs.
Price oer pack has been sky rocketing, and may go higher than $13/pack in NYC.
Should it be banned or have smokers pay a much more significant tax?
  1. Smoking?

    9 votes
    1. Should be banned
    2. Smokers should pay an additional tax
    3. No
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  • It's a bit ludicrous to discuss outlawing smoking while smoking marijuana is being decriminalized in cities and states across the nation.
  • PinoPino 67 Pts
    This must be a real dilemma for the politicians.
    Such a ban would have the civil rights brigade up in arms and the tobacco giants would be lobbying ( an euphemism for an adage which includes the words palm and silver) the most influential decision makers.
    Increasing prices to unaffordable levels would only see the growth of  counterfeit products being sold on the black market. 
    Whichever party introduced the proposed legislation would lose out significantly in the popularity front.
    My personal opinion is that they should be banned from all public areas including public thoroughfares, sidewalks or anywhere to which the public have access. 
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    It's outrageous how this is 50/50!  It should be banned, It is only harming people. People are killing themselves with their own hands, And someone should save them.
  • Smoking shouldn't become illegal. Government should not intervene.
  • Yes, it must be.
  • @Logic I agree it shouldn't even be close.  Why do so many of the people who walk around in t-shirts that say "Hands off my body" and rail against Congress saying that their body is sovereign, think people shouldn't be able to make their own choices?  Why do so many that endorse legalizing marijuana, often on the basis that the ban is a failure, think banning tobacco would be any more successful?  You're right, this poll shouldn't even be close.
  • I can see it both ways.  I am concerned that cigarette conpanies are still making so much profit.  Essentially all of the settlements from before are reflected in the raised prices.  NYC mayor just supported a notion of setting a minimum price per pack to $13 (from $10.5).  We are allowing cigarette companies cause all these health issues, passing along the increased costs to the rest of the society.

    at the same time, banning it completely will just create a black market, and I am not supportive of that idea.  I also think that legalizing pot is probably a good idea to avoid all the criminal activity behind it.

    my suggestion is to have draconian tax and ensure even more the heath risks are understood.  I would impose a much more direct tax on Smokers as part of their health plan premiums.  The challenge will be how to reliably differentiate smoker from non-smoker.
  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    I am against banning smoking, as it will be just Government telling us what to do and not do. At the same time, it is unacceptable that cigarette companies are doing so well at expense of people heath.  I suggest stronger tax incentives for people to stop smoking, higher taxes, and force cigarettes companies to disclose health risks even more clearly.  Also, having them invest in new R&D that minimize adverse effects of smokimg using newer technology.  There is already progress in that area.
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