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In The US lead by the zionist jews?

Opening Argument

A lot of people have said that the zionists are the ones pulling the strings in america.

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  • I doubt that they pull any strings, they don't see to politically involved.
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @eurphe_democrat I see, Thanks for your opinion on the matter. 
    Strange, Many people think everything going on in america, Is done by these people.
  • No; Sanders lost the election
  • @CYDdharta, that's right.  Argument of Jews being puppet masters is not supported by facts.  We still didn't have a Jewish president, and to your point Sanders didn't win
  • No, Bernie lost the election. Also, generally speaking Zionist Jews don't have too much to do or any affiliation with American Politics. Threat claim could be a little far-fetched when referring to that. Although, that is not hard evidence, it does the job in proving the point.
  • Anyone who believes in this nonsense should get examined by a doctor. Oh. . . let's make that a Jewish doctor! 

    My ancestors were kicked out of Europe in the 1850s. . . it didn't seemed like they "pulled the strings" of anything except for the air they breathed. 
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