Should Pot be legalized in the US?

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There are arguments for it boh ways. Clearly there are many health, society, and believes issues.
At the same time, there is a hugh black market and crime around drugs that would be resolved.
  1. Should Pot be legalized in the US?

    9 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • Yes, as a matter of fact, the government should not intervene.
  • @johnr_27, The danger of that position is that it would have broad impact to our society.  People driving, working while stoned.  Long term health risks, just to name a few.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I think it should.  While there are pros amd cons, I agree that a large benefit will be eliminating the black market
  • I agree with @whyTrump , it could have negative effects on health and people's safety.
  • Legalizing pot has not been a big item on Trump's agenda.
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  • It's not an issue, that's why it's not on the agenda.
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