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There are a lot of tax plans that have been in debate over the decades. The most popular are: progressive tax, taxing the rich very heavily and having very few taxes for the poor; flat tax, everyone is taxed an equal amount; or regressive tax, the poor are taxed more than the rich. Personally I believe in a flat tax; what do you guys think?
  1. I support a...

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    1. progressive tax
    2. flat tax
    3. regressive tax

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  • Progressive tax is fair in my view
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    Flat tax makes sense to me.  No need to punish high earners for being successful - that is a socialist notion
  • I agree with flat tax, due to a more capitalistic view. 
  • thereptherep 56 Pts
    I don't agree with flat tax, but like progressive more. It is a much more fair tax system which does not benefit the upperclass as much.
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