Co-ops versus traditional businesses

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Co-ops are democratically controlled businesses owned by all of the members of that company. Traditional businesses are owned by only one or a few people and stock holders are the only ones who vote on business decisions, or else a board of directors does.
  1. Which are better: Co-ops or traditional businesses?

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    1. Co-ops
    2. Traditional businesses

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  • joecavalryjoecavalry 237 Pts
    I believe that co-ops are the way to go. This is more democratic as mentioned by @Coop_Individualist . It is also more fair to all the employees working at the co-op and can further loyalty and other important aspects due to having a share/s of the business.
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  • @joecavalry, while COOP can be a good option, it may take away from strong leadership and decisive decision making.   Business structure still can support employee ownership by granting the right employees equity in the company to encourage the right behaviour.  Not everyone in the company needs to be a part-owner.
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  • I agree with @ agsr , co-ops are not as great as the good old fashion traditional business. 
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