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Was Trump backing of the wall funding for strategic reasons?

Opening Argument

The spending bill has been negotiated between Democrats and Republicans with Trump at the helm. Trump said he will build a wall, but lacks funding with the new spending bill going until fall. Was this strategic or a claim that won't really happen?
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    1. Strategic
    2. No

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  • edited May 2
    No, I disagree. He could not get it through and new that. For this reason, he decided to avoid a government shut down and take what the Democrats gave. Also, live the new feauture with responses. This is one of the best things on any debate website, well, to be fair, this is the best debate website.
  • jeremfjeremf 17 Pts
    edited May 2
    I disagree with you @meta_capitalin . He did this for strerirgic puproses and will list likely ask for funding st a later time such as the 2018 fiscal year spending bill. Also, as he said, he wouldn't have the senate votes to pass. In 2018, he could due to potentially more Repuvlicans in the Senate. Also, love the new feature.
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