Sibling dispute over Netflix subscription - Who is right?

Opening Argument

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There are 2 brothers involved in this minor disagreement.
Brother 1 has Amazon prime, HBO, and Showtime subscriptions that he is activity using.
Amazon prime fully allows (and encourages) prime subscribers to share their account with up to 5 family members, and he shares that with his brother. 
He also lets his brother share his showtime and HBO credentials, so "Brother 2" can watch it on his mobile device on demand.  There are no adverse effects for  Brother 1 to let Brother 2 share any of these accounts.

Brother 2 had a Netflix subscription for many years. He always let Brother 1 share his Netflix account.  Recently Brother 2 realized that he hadn't been using Netflix subscription for awhile and has no interest of using it going forward.  So, he let Brother 1 know that he is cancelling his subscription to Netflix.

Both brothers generally have a good relationship and constantly borrow stuff from each other.  There are many other things that Brothers borrow from each other.  Both brothers do well financially and it is not a matter of financial burden but principle.

Brother 1 argument:
It is unfair for Brother 2 to cancel Netflix subscription while he is borrowing the other 3 subscriptions.

Brother 2 argument:
It is totally fair. Brother 1 is using these services (amazon prime, HBO, showtime) regardless, but Netflix subscription is only used by Brother 1.  

I am one of the 2 siblings in this minor dispute.  DebateIslanders, Please help us settle this disagreement.  

  1. Who is right?

    9 votes
    1. Brother 1 is right - the other brother should pay for Netflix
    2. Brother 2 is right - no need to keep Netflix
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