Will Trump meet with Kim Jong Un ?

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Trump said he would be honored to meet with the dictator, Kim Jong Un. Will he? Lindsay Graham, US Senator for South Carolina, says that Kim Jong Un makes Assad look like a quier boy.
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  • thereptherep 56 Pts
    There's no way, I'm not sure if a dictator who's also a communist and is horrible to his citizens will meet with Trump in the White House.
  • Yes, he will meet with the Communist Dictatorsnd that's great. He may strengthen the relationship between US-NK and possibly prevent a Nuclear War at the same time as well. That's a very strategic and smart more made by Trump. A war could be avoided if that does happen.
  • When we had cold war with Russia, the first step was to open up the dialogue.
    I see that benefits outweigh the cons.  They should meet - keep your friends close amd enemies closer
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • @therep, I agree that he is a horrible dictator, but I am still thinking it would be a good idea to open up some sort of diplomatic dialogue.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • It would be a great idea, agree with @agsr .
  • I think Trump's call with Putin set a precedent, so he will meet with Norh Korea too
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