Abortion is a woman's right

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I do not believe that life begins at conception, or that a 2-month old fetus is a human being. I understand that many abortions occur because of irresponsible sex, but there are also circumstances where the pregnancy must be terminated in order to preserve the mother's health. This is also usually the case during late-term abortions. Generally I don't believe in late-term abortions except in the instance of a medical necessity.
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  • That's right, except late trimester abortions - those shouldn't be just up to the mothers 
  • spandamspandam 43 Pts
    I disagree, abortion should be decided by the government not the woman.
  • CovenyCoveny 404 Pts

    Bodily integrity or bodily autonomy means that you have the right to control what happens to your body even if that hurts or kills others. This is the reason that even after your death, your organs cannot be harvested to save lives, without your consent. You have two kidneys", and only need one, do you want to be forced to give up one of those kidneys to save another human being? What about a lung? Just as you don"t want to be forced to into something affecting your body, women don"t want to be force into something affecting their body. Abortion is the most basic form of freedom that exists, the freedom to do with your body whatever you wish.

    Now if you are ok with having choices about what you can do to or with your body force on you, then my second point would be that abortions lower crime rates. Lower crime rates help us all. The correlation has been proven from multiple studies, but I"m going to link one that discredits the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis. I expect you to try to use the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis to try and disprove my point that abortions lower crime rates, so I'd rather just address that up front and skip a step.

  • I disagree because of my first point and because I believe individual freedoms are important, the government should not interfere @spandam
  • pequpequ 7 Pts
    I agree with @Melanielust . It's interesting, because no intervention is conservative, while woman's rights are a little bit more liberal. Great mix.
  • but the mother did consent by having sex. just because she regrets it does not give her the right to deny a child their right to life. 
  • brexitbrexit 22 Pts
    I agree with @saltydog , she should be practicing straight sex.
  • Right to choose is a basic right for women.  Taking away rights for Early abortions is not right.
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  • you do not have the right to deny the rights of others regardless of situation
  • CovenyCoveny 404 Pts
    You have a right to control your body. You have a right to stop those who would use your body against your wishes. But for some reason when that right deals with a fetus people want to ignore the mother's rights.
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