Should abortion be legal or illegal? Why?

Opening Argument

AveMariaAveMaria 35 Pts
Abortion should be illegal because abortion is murder.  Since murder is illegal, abortion should be illegal too.  The common counter to this argument is that zygotes, fetuses, etc. are not technically "alive" or "people."  Directly after an egg is fertilized, it becomes a zygote, with its own genetic code and DNA.  It is already a unique combination of its mother and father.  Its entire life is outlined in its DNA, allowing it to grow and metamorphosize until its death.  Teenagers are evolved forms of their childhood selves.  Adults are evolved forms of their teenage selves.  90-year-olds are evolved forms of 60-year-olds.  If life does not stop evolving, what makes its most basic form any less of a life than more developed ones?  A toddler is not as developed as a 10-year-old.  Does that make it any more morally correct to kill it if it becomes a burden?  Since life is formed directly after conception (zygote) and living beings constantly change until death, killing a zygote is no different than killing an adult.  Abortion is, therefore, murder, and should be illegal.
  1. Should abortion be legal or illegal?

    11 votes
    1. Legal (pro-choice)
    2. Illegal (pro-life)

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  • AveMariaAveMaria 35 Pts
    Thanks.  This is an issue I really enjoy discussing.
  • islander507islander507 153 Pts
    @AveMaria, when government interferes with the right to choose, we are imposing a view of politicians to the individuals.  Our country is great because of the right to express our individuality.

    if women don't have right to choose and you argue that abortion is murder then where is the line drawn - use of contraception also murder?
  • AveMariaAveMaria 35 Pts
    First, contraception is not murder.  Preventing life from forming is not the same thing as ending life, and though I do advocate against the use of contraception due to religious reasons, I do not think it should be illegal. Second, you are right that our country offers the freedom to choose on many things, which is my main reason for wanting to keep contraception legal.  But should people have the freedom to murder?  I don't think the government should control too many things, but it should definitely have the ability to control things that are universally considered morally reprehensible.  The "it's just a view of the politicians" excuse doesn't work, either.  To the British in the 1700s, the American principles of freedom were just the views of some rebels in the colonies.  Yet here we are now, using those same political views to justify our arguments this very day.  Just because something is a political view doesn't mean it is wrong right off the bat.
  • missmedicmissmedic 32 Pts
    This subject is discussed a great deal, legal or illegal, but what is really being asked. Illegal implies punishment, but what kind, a fine, imprisonment, sterilization, or the death penalty? And who gets the punishment, the mother, the father, the doctor? When something is made illegal the control of that something is put in the hands of criminals, putting more people at risk. The solutions are not easily implemented in a religious environment, but they are there, a comprehensive sexuality education, a support system with more and better options, easy access to free birth control starting at puberty. I would like to add that the male share responsibility and consequences for caused unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Knowledge is the answer, the more we know the better choices we make.     
  • AveMariaAveMaria 35 Pts
    In terms of punishment, I think it is the doctors who should be punished (with jail, the same as murderers) because they granted the couple the access to abortion.  Since the criminals become the doctors who perform the procedure and not the couple who wants it, there is no need for the large government family planning services you talk about, though private family planning services should still be considered medical facilities as long as they don't offer abortions.  I do agree with you that the role of the father should also be taken into consideration, not just on the legal level but on the societal level as well, due to the father's unique role in a relationship.
  • thereptherep 56 Pts
    It should not be controlled by government or state, or person. The control should be given to the doctor but on certain conditions. This at if its life threatening or something like that, an abojrtion could be done at government expense.
  • AveMariaAveMaria 35 Pts
    @therep  This goes back to an argument I made previously in this debate, that if abortion is murder (which I believe it to be), then the government should control it, just like it controls all other violent crimes.
  • joecavalryjoecavalry 237 Pts
    Abortion should be llegal but tax payers shouldn't be paying for those abortions. It's in fair and a little bit communist like.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
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