Is non-binary real? Ellen Meets Trailblazing Actor Asia Kate Dillon

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"Billions" and "Orange Is the New Black" star Asia Kate Dillon sat down with Ellen to discuss paving the way as one of TV's first non-binary gender identifying actors.
  1. Is non-binary real or made up?

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    2. Made up

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  • I love the show Billions, and Taylor is doing a great job trailblazing the role of non-binayry.  She (I mean they) was born a woman in real life and has a boyfriend, but considers herself non-binary.  In the video she looks a lot more like a woman.
    She explains in the video how that is a real thing and I would think that people who identify as non binary appreciate that.
    While it seems bizarre and I don't fully understand it, I respect that it is real to those who identify as "them".
    Live Long and Prosper
  • i feel as though this has gone to extreme lengths when it shouldn't, i realize that some people are really transgender. however i do not believe for a single moment that this mythical spectrum is real unfortunately it is down to the chromosomes you are born with making it an either or scenario. there are multiple factors when it comes to determining your gender your feelings do not matter. however i will agree to call you but whatever pronoun you wish as long as you don't claim there is something wrong with people who stick to identifying with the genitalia they are born with. biological sex is down to your chromosomes and the transgender community have claimed some pretty unbelievable things, gender is not a spectrum and non binary is a social construct ie its real because you say it is.
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