Should you invest in Facebook?

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After all of this stuff going on with Snap, what do you think? Invest or no?
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  • I would, they basically have most of the market.
  • I am not concerned about Snap taking business from Facebook, but I am comcerned about FB super high valuation.  It is already pricing in very aggressive business metrics, and I am not sure how it can achieve further exponential growth at this point. So I say no.
  • Facebook is a good buy, it will be difficult for anyone taking it over, and it can go further after google marketing empire.  If FB buys Snapchat for really cheap that may also be a good opportunity for FB to further dominate the market.
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  • Facebook, is a great investment. They own a majority of the social media market as well considering they bought out many complained like Instagram.
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  • I am questioning Facebook investment based on future expansion opportunities.  I think they got too big and grew too fast based on their current valuation. I acrually think the market overall right now is hyped up too much, so I wouldn't buy Facebook or a y of the other inflated tech stocks at the moment.
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  • @joecavalry, I agree. The social media will only grow and Facebook dominates it.
  • raehuiwraehuiw 24 Pts
    Facebook may eventually obtain the whole market and expand.
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