Invest in BioTechnology stocks?

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Should you invest in BioTech stocks?
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  • manetaimanetai 29 Pts
    Yes, you have to think about the future, and a main part of that is BioTech. Although, you should keep those stocks long term, don't sell them within a couple of years. They wouldn't move too much right now in my opinion. You should probably keep as a retirement investments or an extremely long term one. ETFs are a great option as well. That is if you want to make a was risky investment which can be profitable. A good option is IBB for this option. CLDX is also a great option right now, because of its low price and large potential. 
    Also, just saying, asked the founder about this topic, he told me all of this great advice. The guy should be a stock broker. Just keep doing the website, because it's amazing. Also, maybe there should be a pro/against options for the person making debates or on all comments. That's an option or something simialar. I informed the Owner of that as well.
  • Biotech ETFs are good diversified bets lomg term if you can accept volatility. There is little doubt in my mind that biotech will change the world this century.
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