Could robots/technology ever go too far?

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melanielustmelanielust 246 Pts
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In your opinion, where does the line draw in terms of how advanced technology could get 
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  • Robotic technologies can go very far and are now as well. I believe in the future many things will be suromated by robots and humans would have a different set of jobs. Factory jobs and simialar things would probably be comepeltely taken over by these robots.
  • @billpassed, agreed. In the next 30-50 years cognitive computing, ai, robotic autiomation, and genetic engineering will converge to a point where technology will augment human life to a point where enormous ethical issues will arise that may question our very humanity.

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  • @agsr, agreed. It already gone too far. Mobile devices now dominate our lifes. Just wait until they get implanted in our brains like Borg in StarTrek. 
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I think that robots or technology could always go too far because a poor experiment could result in the robots taking over the world!!!! (This is meant to be a joke but I still think that robots/technology could go to far either way. 
  • Terminator, StarTrek, are nice Hollywood examples.
    But as technology evolves, we are at high risk of it crossing the line in our lifetime.  We need to promote progress and at the same time have boundaries in place
  • It will get too far for many to get comfortable. I agree with @islander507
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    I think we are fine as we are. And yes, I'm one of those nut-jobs that believe robots might takeover the world.  
  • brexitbrexit 22 Pts
    Robots have a strict set of code, they can't do something that they are not asked to do and for this reason I disagree with @logic .
  • LogicLogic 232 Pts
    @brexit I'm mainly talking about AI, Which can be given data from off the internet. That is dangerous. 
  • randalrandal 60 Pts
    AI isn't too dangerous now, but could grow to be.
  • Fr3akFr3ak 25 Pts
    They already have the ability to learn, and are taking over jobs because of it. They are far cheaper than humans, and they can learn and reproduce themselves.  At this rate, they will be too clever for us to handle fairly soon if we're not careful.
  • @Fr3ak, that is a real danger ahead of us.  We will reach an inflection point where machines will outperform numans in many ways.  Since machines are always improving, once inflection point is achieved it will progress way beyond that.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • Fr3akFr3ak 25 Pts

    That is one thing I am worried about, but the main concern I have is that there are AI out there capable of learning. And if something can learn, well you already have the issue of 'is it alive' which is always a fun topic, but also the fact that they can eventually learn to, for lack of better phrasing, take over.
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