Do you think the far-right movements in Europe will ever take control?

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melanielustmelanielust 246 Pts
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Marine Le Pen's loss signified a defeat for the rising far-right movements cropping up all over Europe. Such movements have appeared in Germany, Hungary, Poland, and more, with many concerns that neo-Naziism might become prevalent. Will these movements ever become powerful enough to take control in European governments, and if so is that good or bad?
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  • mayermayer 8 Pts
    I believe they could potentially get powerful enouph. Now, on the cas of is it good or bad is interesting. I would say bad, but for some countries. Also, as long as it doesn't turn into neo-nazi type. France is being taken over my Muslims and that needs to be stopped.
  • yosuryosur 2 Pts
    I disagree. I don't ebelueve that stuff like that should be occurring in any country. If Muslims want to live in France let them, as long as they don't show any threats.
  • We saw what happens when Nazi started gaining power in Germany in 1930s.  Now there are trends of Pro-Nazi in the German army..see debate

    heavy immigration in Germany, France, and other parts of Europe may result in strong Nationalistic movements. That can be a fuel for extreme right wing reaction there.
    So I think it is certainly possible.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • randalrandal 60 Pts
    I agree with @agsr .
  •  Agree somewhat with your point about Muslims @mayer

    However I have to say @yosur also has a point; freedom of religion is necessary and important. Some right-wing leaders in the Netherlands for example have proposed full bans on mosques and the Quran; I think it would be more productive to simply create a filter or even a ban on all immigrants from Islamic countries, not necessarily on the religion
  • groups like Generation Identity are growing fast and I think they'll gain large influence, but not enough to have control/
  • irkeirke 2 Pts
    They could gain enouph to gain control, and potentially terorlsit groups can.
  • @melanielust, I agree that ban on religion is really a dangerous path.

    @SaltyDog, it concerns me as well when I hear about rise of such groups and I hope they don't pick up enough traction.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • The religion in France could change to Muslim.
  • asgr you missed my point. I agree with Identity Generation. I'm just stating that they won't be able to gain control 
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