Gun control debate

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There has been a TON of controversy over this lately. Personally, I believe that we do not need stricter gun laws because it is a person's right to be able to defend themselves, and in addition, a people's right to defend themselves in the case that their government might turn tyrannical; this was the purpose of the second amendment. Arguments for the other side include how guns are incredibly dangerous and lead to such events like school shootings; people usually cite countries like Japan and Australia that have a full ban on guns except for the army etc, and have seen relatively less criminal gun use.
  1. What do you think?

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    1. The US needs stricter gun laws
    2. The US does not need stricter gun laws

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  • irkeirke 2 Pts
    We need stricter gun control rules.
  • VaulkVaulk 271 Pts
    @melanielust ,

    I think you're on the right track here.  I personally don't believe that we need stricter gun laws, instead we need heavier penalties for crimes committed with firearms.  I personally believe that owning a Firearm is a right, and that rights cannot be restricted or regulated otherwise they would be privileges.  This wouldn't stop us however, from enacting new penalties and criminal punishments for committing a crime with a Firearm.  I think too many thugs are essentially unscathed from the judicial system so long as they don't fall into the 1st degree category for violent crimes committed with a firearm.

    See the tables for yourselves, we're spread even in some areas but most areas look pretty ridiculous for 2nd and 3rd degree manslaughter.

    And don't ask me how you can be convicted of KIDNAPPING with a firearm and only be sentenced to 20 years.  I think we can all agree, if you steal a child at should probably be exiled from the U.S.  We're not talking about a minor lapse in judgement here. 

    "If there's no such thing as a stupid question then what kind of questions do stupid people ask"?

    "There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

    "Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stupid".

  • SaltyDogSaltyDog 17 Pts
    definitely not. gun violence has continually decreased. and when most new bills wont affect mass shootings and target pure aesthetics of "assault rifles", it scares me to think of what they could do
  • I agree with @saltydog, it's a persons right to own a firearm for protection reasons and just for fun.
  • SaltyDogSaltyDog 17 Pts
    Also. If you read the DC v Heller dissenting opinions, they argue that citizens don't have ANY right to own a firearm. Thank God for the Second Amendment.
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