Who is the best president?

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melanielustmelanielust 232 Pts
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In your opinion. Historians tend to rank Presidents by their moral authority, crisis leadership, economic management, public persuasion, long-term impacts, and in if that helps. Personally I think Thomas Jefferson was the best because he was able to pull us out of debt and expand the size of our nation by a third. In addition, he wrote the Declaration of Independence, and his passion for liberty and freedom became the forefront for a new American identity.

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  • I like them equally, but will go with the first president.
  • riessriess 4 Pts
    I like Thomas Jefferson.
  • George Washington. He was a great founding father of our country.
    Btw, If Alexander Hamilton wouldn't die in a duel, maybe he would have become a president too.. He founded the first Bank who funded the revolution.
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  • Thomas Jefferson is a great choice.
  • Schatzi11Schatzi11 40 Pts

    Personally I like Ronald Reagan.

  • averyaproaveryapro 67 Pts
    I like Abraham Lincoln. I like Abraham because he was the one to end slavery in the world and he ended the Civil War, a great historical war. Some people might argue that he was not one of the Founding Fathers and they were one of the most important groups for our 50 United States to be created. However, I like Lincoln because he put the act against slavery into place and now no one can own slaves. Another counter-argument against me is Thomas Jefferson because he was a great president: One of the biggest things he did was that he was a vital piece of writing the Declaration of Independence and he was against slavery. This is where I disagree. It is known that in Thomas Jefferson's lifetime he owned over 600 slaves and didn't just have them and use them, he mistreated them as well. He sent young boys to work in his nail factory which was a very dangerous task and when they lost two iron rods he had their skulls crushed. That is why I think that Abraham Lincoln rules out the presidents that were listed.
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