Is it news worthy for media to report on how many scoops of ice cream president trump had?

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I find it to be ridiculous that media watches and reports on how many scoops of ice cream President Trump had for dessert.  Leave the man alone.  Would you like for someone to watch your every step and spy on you how many times you eat, what you eat and how.  That's our news?  Do they really have nothing else to report?  How about something positive that he did that day.  Since when it's illegal to eat two scoops of ice cream?
  1. Is it news worthy for media to report on how many scoops of ice cream president trump had?

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    2. No

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  • joecavalryjoecavalry 237 Pts
    No, I also saw this report from CNN and find it insulting.
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  • manetaimanetai 29 Pts
    The media wants ratings and money, that's all. People want to hear about Teump and want to know what he's doing next. I agree with @biksa26 .
  • Fake news, this is a ratings grab by the media and especially CNN. Trump might have wanted to create a feeling of superiority which is fine considering he's the president. It's not news making and again, a clear ratings grab by the fake media such as CNN who's the king of them all when it comes to reporting unreasonable stories.
  • natbaronsnatbarons 68 Pts
    Fake news, unreasonable stories. I find it fascinating that the desperate Media and news outlets report this story.
  • Yes it's news worthy, why not? People are watching, we are discussing it, so media did their job.  We are a society driven by profitable enterprises and that story obviously got enough coverage.
    Trump is the President of the United States. People are watching his "unhealthy" choices, and that just shows another unhealthy choice..atleast this time it's about his diet instead of our country.
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  • absolutely not!! the only reason people talk about it in the first place is because the media reports on it. we wouldnt be hearing about it so much if it was simply a tweet, but popular news and blogging outlets ALWAYS feel the need to take it a step further and "report" on it and write up articles about it because they simply hate trump. they feel the need to micro-analyse EVERY aspect of his life which is ridiculous!!

    why aren't they reporting about what he's actually done? where are the articles about how he funded the kurds? or increased troops on the syria-jordan border? where is any of that? instead they always feel the need to criticize him for the smallest darn things and it crowds out the stories that are actually relevant to the US, not to mention crowding out all the stories that are relevant to the rest of the world. has anyone heard about the quasi-revolution in Paraguay? or china's new take on international trade? the only way anyone can find world news nowadays is if you go out and painstakingly comb through dozens of stories about Trump before stumbling upon maybe a handful of unbiased sources. it's so unfortunate.

    not to mention, think about what happened after obama was elected. during his 8 years, basically the only time the media extensively reported about him was if he enacted some policy etc that would have a relatively large affect. no one ever heard about the smaller things he did. just goes to show how much the media is biased against trump.
  • @melanielust, at this point Trump put himself under a microscope and he created a publicity boom. All media outlets are desperately trying to compete for our attention and looking for that edge on a story that sells.
    trump stories get views. If it takes them to talk about his unhealthy habits that public find insightful then let it be it.
    What if our President would be really overweight, and got recorded a bucket of KFC, would that be okay? 
    People are interested in details of lifestyle for celebrities, amd Trump is a celebrity. He made himself a reality tv star.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • I wonder if ice cream parlors would do a PR spin and call a double scoop a Trump special  :)
    I don't think that media is right on this, let them find better news stories
  • @ale5 I disagree that this is newsworthy.  We aren't discussing the number of scoops the president was served or whether or not guests were allowed to ask for more, we're discussing the depths to which the media has sunk in their never-ending quest to cause controversy with this administration.
  • I agree with @CYDHarta, he persuaded me. I gave him a premium member exclusive persuaded reaction.
  • Schatzi11Schatzi11 40 Pts
    Umm...... no, that is not worthy news. I don't think most people will care about how many scoops of ice cream president Trump ate.
  • No and it could have been a representation.
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