Should high school be 4 years?

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Is spending 4 years in high school the best investment of time for our kids, or should we shorten it?
I think that we should prioritize what knowledge is really critical for kids to obtain as part of their high school education and cut it by alteast 1-2 years.
  1. Should high school be 4 years?

    8 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No - cut it to 3 years
    3. No - Cut it to 2 years or less
    4. Increase number of years
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    We need to fix our education system, instead of teaching kids irrelevant subjects they will never use
  • No, it could be cut down in half. The academic curriculum must be compressed, this way students would be able to advance to college or earning a job much faster in this competititive time.
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  • I agree @joecavalry. As per related debate the school system needs some serious compression and transformation

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  • School systems need to be cut down about 4 years. Hey kids out faster.
  •          I think that the education system should stay the same for 4 years because I do think that 3 years could be an optional thing but it feels so odd and uneven. I think that two years or less is unacceptable because most colleges need 2 or more years of a foreign language to be accepted into the college. Two years can't work because if you want to take two years of foreign language but you want to take other courses as well it limits the entire freedom of all the students to do what they want but I think that high school should be four years.
  • @averyapro, the issue I have is that our education system needs to be adjusted to add real value. We should challenge our high school and college education. In your example, I question the value of requiring 2 years of foreign language as a mandate for college admission.
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  • @agsr I do understand what you are trying to say but I would like to go to Air Force and they require two years of a foreign language like most schools. I can understand why you want it to be cut down if you go to a community college maybe or a small college in your town but for bigger colleges then I think that kids should be required to take four years of high school but in your case I see why you would want it to be cut down to two years or less. However, I definitely do agree that sometimes education is really irrelevant and how high school should be compressed but the issue I have with that is that some kids might want to take multiple courses each year. They might want to take a year of philosophy, two years of a foreign language, and for example, let's say a year of a writing, LA class but cutting that down requires most students just to take required courses for college rather than having a little bit of freedom/
  • @averyapro, my key point is that most of the education is irrelevant when you think about applicability to actual career. If we redesign education experience to be purposeful towards stuff kids will use in the future then I bet we can compress k-12 to k-8 and college to 2 years.  There are plenty of online elearning resources to fill the gap towards personalized edication interests.
    I understand your point though about specific requirements of college admission.
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  • manetaimanetai 29 Pts
    I agree with @Averypro .
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