Showtime Billions - is Axe and Chuck both ending up in jail?

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agsragsr 637 Pts
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Now that the 2nd season just ended, do we think that Axe and Chuck will both end up in jail in season 3?
  1. Showtime Billions - is Axe and Chuck both ending up in jail?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Just Axe
    4. Just Chuck
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  • inc4tinc4t 156 Pts
    They will.  They are now both obsessed to destroying each other and both crossed the line.  With Axe we now already see how he will end up in jail, but Chuck continues to abuse his power and will end up there too.

  • @inc4t, I agree. There was an earlier episode where Chuck explained his weakeness as a chess player - he would get obsessed with winning and would make disparated non-strategic moves trying to dazzle his opponent- these moves mostly backfire and he loses.  That's what he is doing with Axe.  By obsessing in bringing Axe down, Chuck is slowly going to lose everything, and eventually his freedom.
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  • tocik17tocik17 34 Pts
    Great observation @agsr regarding Chuck's chess history.   I wish I would of picked that up.
  • @tocik17, I don't think that Chuck will actually end up in jail. I think he will ruin himself in the crazy pursuit of Axe though. I also like the Chess insight that agsr mentioned
  • He may end up in jail, or he would end up some where afternoon his persist.
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