Should Firearms Be Banned From The United States Citizens?

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tarararatararara 5 Pts
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I believe not,for the good of the country. But that's not the point. The point is, What do you think? 
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  • I believe that they should be banned. Fire arms are causing deaths and, because of these injuries and Deaths they should be banned. Ateast, until it's stabilized.
  • Schatzi11Schatzi11 40 Pts
    In my opinion, they shouldn't because its not the firearms that are bad. Its the people who are in control of the weapon. Any object can be used as a weapon. There was a terrorist in I believe Germany that used a big truck to kill people. That doesn't mean that we should ban vehicles. And the American citizens have the right to protect themselves.
  • averyaproaveryapro 67 Pts
        I think that firearms should not be banned from US citizens because what would the owners of gun shops do? They would definitely go out of business and a lot of people own guns previously. Would the police go into every house in the United States and raid their cabinets to see if they own a firearm? Also, anything can be used as a weapon. I could use the laptop I am typing on right now and slam my teacher in the head just to get out of school. Or, I could continue typing and use this computer for a good purpose. I am going to keep typing, but the girl sitting next to me might think of using my laptop as a way to inflict pain. The same thing goes for firearms. Police use them for a good purpose to protect us as US citizens but the guy that lives on the next street from my school could use it as a way to inflict pain upon someone. I think that US citizens should have the right to own firearms.
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