Will 3D printed shoes become mainstream?

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Adidas launched 3D printed shoes.  That seems to be a trend for manufacturing.  It allows mass customization and production costs should drastically drop over time. Do we think that 3D printed shoes will be expectation from consumers as the defaul way to get shoes?
  1. Will 3D printed shoes become mainstream?

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    1. Yes
    2. No

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  • Yes, the heading could vary based on new companies emerging into that market or companies with more money expanding into that market.
  • I think that 3D printed shoes can be really cool.  Why get generic shoes, knowing that all sizes are slightly different when you can get a custom mold and a custom design just for you to personalize the experience. Once enough people start wearing shoes that stand out with maybe their photo or some other cool design, I don't think that just plain shoe will do anymore.
  • averyaproaveryapro 67 Pts
    Many people want to have the best of the best stuff and when the new phenomenon: 3D shoes gets introduced I think that a lot of people will want to buy them and they will become very popular in part of the mainstream. I think that this product will take off quickly. It's just like every new product that there is out there. Think about fidget spinners. One person got them and then within the next week, almost everyone in the class had one. They clearly took off really quickly but the only thing that would make me doubt my decision that these new 3D Printed Shoes will become popular is the price. No one is going to want to buy a shoe just to show off that is $200. No one would do that in my opinion. However, I still think that these shoes will become popular devices. 
  • brexitbrexit 22 Pts
    3D printed shoes wouldn't become popular. At least not soon. The technology is still in the developing stages and the shoes just wouldn't be sturdy enouph. Also, the price oiled be extremely high, due to the time and cost to make.
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