Should Scooter Riders be Allowed At Skate Parks?

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averyaproaveryapro 72 Pts
edited May 17 in Sports
   I think that scooter riders should be allowed at skate parks because most skateboarders are adults and they are teenagers that can be on drugs or smoking. However, a lot of the scooter riders are young children and they are pretty cautious because they don't want to get pounded into. I myself am a scooter rider and I always look before I drop into a bowl to make sure that no one else is coming in and I have also been plowed into before and it wasn't pleasant. I think that skater riders need to be considerate of all the people that are there including scooter riders and they need to pay more attention and be mindful. Most skateboarders think that scooter riders are dumb because the skateboarders think that scooter riders get in the way but they are just there to skate around and have fun like most of the skateboarders. 
  1. Should Scooter Riders Be Allowed At Skate Parks?

    1 vote
    1. Yes, let them ride!
    2. No, make separate parks for scooter riders;

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