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Should the U.S. ban the Big Lick equestrian competitions?

Opening Argument

I think they should be banned because the big lick walk is un-natural and lots and lots of abuse goes on that is illegal and legal.

  1. Should Big Lick competitions be banned?

    4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

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  •    I think that these competitions should be banned because earlier I saw a presentation on Tennessee Walking Horse Abuse and there was an extremely graphic video and I felt really bad for the horses that had been treated this way so I think that the Big Lick competition should be banned.
  • The competition should be banned, there is ilegla activity which occurs and that would be a big reason. Also, there is horse abuse present st the competition.
  • @kmelkevolution17 yes, it blows my mind how clueless the audience at the competitions are when there is obvious mistreatment.
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