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Should Horseback Riding be considered a sport?

Opening Argument

Schatzi11Schatzi11 40 Pts
edited May 18 in Sports
.As an equestrian, yes I think it should because it does take actual muscles to do and you have to communicate with a 1 ton animal.
  1. Should horseback riding be considred a sport?

    6 votes
    1. yes, no matter what
    2. yes, if you compete
    3. N

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  • averyaproaveryapro 67 Pts
    I think that it should be considered a sport because they have the Kentucky Derby and those jockeys train with their horses for God only knows how long.                                                                   
  • juweejuwee 10 Pts
    There are many competitions with horse back riding or for it and it should be cosndiered a sport.
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