Bamboo or not to bamboo

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Bamboo is a beautiful tree and forms a great pricacy screen in the yard.   But, is is also very invasive and can spread like cancer.   If not maintained well,  it can cause expensive property damages and invade neighbors yards.   It was also made illegal in some towns.

What would you do if tou bought a house, and it has a beautiful bamboo planted there?
  1. Do you keep the bamboo?

    8 votes
    1. Get rid of it ASAP by a pro, which can cause thousands of dollars
    2. Keep it, but learn how to maintain it so it doesnt spread.
    3. Keep it, and let the bamboo do it's thing. Bamboo for everyone!
    4. Just dig it out yourself, which will most likely cause ot to come back with less force. repeat yearly

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